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Universe’s Sign

Universe’s Sign

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“Universe’s Sign” is an abstract painting featuring a dynamic interplay of warm and cool colors. A deep brown and black background anchors the composition, while a central flow of black blended colors creates movement. Surrounding this central flow, bursts of red, orange, blue, and white pop against the dark backdrop, evoking cosmic phenomena. This vibrant contrast suggests the powerful and mysterious nature of the universe.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 36x48
Available Type: Ready to hang in Toronto, shipped in Roll form for international order

• Background: Dominated by brown and black.
• Central Flow: A fluid, black blended area that draws the eye.
• Surrounding Colors: Pops of red, orange, blue, and white that add vibrancy and contrast.


• Cosmic energy and movement.
• The interplay between light and darkness.
• The mysterious and awe-inspiring nature of the universe.

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